Stapro Deluxe Commercial Powder 10KG

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Stapro Delux Commercial Powder.

The Stapro deluxe commercial powder is a powerful alkali carpet cleaner concentrate, with excellent low foaming grease cutting properties. It has been specially formulated for use on heavier soiled carpets,in commercial and large establishments. Helping to remove tough dirt, odour's and dust trapped deep in carpet pile.

Ideal for use in all portable and truck-mounted extraction systems.

Stapro Delux Commercial Powder. 

  • Low Foaming - Can Be Used In Machines.
  • Grease Cutting - Specially Formulated For Use On Heavily Soiled Carpets.
  • 10kg Portable Tub - For Use In Commerical & Large Establishments.

Purchased in 10KG Tubs.


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