Raphael Versa Twin Toilet Roll Deluxe Pure - 2 ply - 200M per roll x24

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Raphael Versa Twin Toilet Roll Deluxe Pure 2 ply x 24

Sustainable and responsible sourcing

  • 100% recycled paper options
  • FSC® certified paper
  • All packaging is fully recyclable including plastic

The Raphael Versa Twin Toilet Roll Deluxe Pure 2 Ply x 24 is a premium toilet paper product designed with specific features. Here's a breakdown of the key points:

Ideal for Front of House Locations:

This toilet roll is specifically recommended for front of house locations, suggesting that it is suitable for areas with higher visibility and where a premium appearance is desired.

Laminated and Embossed Tissue for a Quality Feel:

The tissue is both laminated and embossed, emphasizing a textured surface and an additional layer for enhanced strength or absorption. These features contribute to a quality feel, aligning with the premium positioning of the product.

Quick Breakdown in Water to Reduce Blockages:

Similar to previous descriptions, this toilet paper is designed to break down quickly in water, reducing the risk of plumbing blockages.

Cost-in-Use Benefits:

The mention of cost-in-use benefits suggests that the product offers economic advantages over time. This could be due to factors such as efficient usage or long-lasting rolls.

Made with Pure Pulp:

The toilet paper is made with pure pulp, emphasizing the use of high-quality materials. Pure pulp is often associated with better softness and overall performance.

Made in the UK:

As with previous products, this toilet paper is manufactured in the UK. This information may be relevant for those who prioritize products made in specific regions for reasons such as supporting local industries or ensuring certain quality standards.

In summary, the "Raphael Versa Twin Toilet Roll Deluxe Pure 2 Ply x 24" is positioned as a premium option for front of house locations. The combination of laminated and embossed tissue, quick breakdown in water, cost-in-use benefits, and the use of pure pulp align with considerations of quality, efficiency, and a premium experience. The fact that it is made in the UK may also be a notable factor for certain consumers.

Paper Type: Pure

Colour: White

Ply: 2

Sheet Width: 90 mm

Roll Length: 100mm

Core Diameter: 38mm

Roll Diameter: 145mm