PVA Bottle - Trigger Spray 750ml - MultiPurpose Cleaner - PVA C2

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1 x PVA Bottle - Trigger Spray 750ml- Multipurpose Cleaner 

Robust and highly reusable 750ml Trigger Spray Bottle designed to be used with Eco Friendly PVA Multipurpose Cleaner sachets .

  • Reduces plastic pollution through reusability. 
  • Reduces carbon foot print associated with transporting liquid chemicals.
  • Reduces storage space.
  • Colour coded and pre labelled chemical description.
  • Trigger Spray nozzle for convenient cleaning.
  • Use Trigger bottle to mix PVA Multipurpose Cleaner Sachet with 750ml of water to create chemical that can be used instantly to clean.

Mix 1 x Multipurpose Cleaner Cleaner PVA Sachet with 750ml of water

This unique formulation is contained within a PVOH or paper film that dissolves at the point of use. The sachets are dry, compact and light, they reduce storage space and transportation costs, and heavily reduce the environmental implications often associated with delivering cleaning supplies. The sachets are packed in planet friendly packaging, that can either be composted or recycled, helping you to eliminate single-use plastic from your current cleaning procedure. 

Environmentally Friendly and User Friendly Benefits:

FSC Certified Paper - Sustainable and responsible sourcing including tree planting initiative

No Single Use Plastic- Our system reduces waste by 90% compared to using traditional commercial cleaning solutions. No containers to be recycled. Instead Multi use plastic re-using the same container time and time again, reducing the environmental footprint.

No products Wastage - reduced costs

90% Reduction In Packaging- Helping your business to reduce the impact of the Plastic Packaging Tax, as well as helping the environment.

Biodegradable Pre-Dosed Formulations- Quick dissolvability and no risk of overdoing which can negativity impact the environment.

Reduce Carbon Footprint by 95%- Compared to transporting liquid concentrates.

Planet Friendly Packaging- Our pouches are TUV Austria certified and compostable.

No Chemical Contact- the formulations are protected by a water-soluble layer, minimising the risk of the formulation coming into contact with operative’s skin or eyes.

Easy To Use System- We provide cleaning plans and colour coding ensures the correct use from all operatives. Our perfect dosed sachets = a straightforward system.

Lighter Products- Manual handling and associated risks are significantly reduced when moving the product.

Effective cleaning Products For All Applications- The PVA hygiene range covers all areas of commercial cleaning.

Save On Space and Transport- Save on cost


  • For general cleaning, remove any gross debris from the surface, place one sachet into the empty trigger spray bottle and fill with water to the 750ml mark. Replace the trigger head and shake until the sachet has dissolved (note warm water will aid the rate of dissolution but is not essential). Spray the solution onto a cloth and wipe the surface clean. 
  • Note: Care should be taken on moulded and complexed shaped Perspex and Acrylic Plastics. 
  • Light stains can be removed from carpets and soft furnishings by spraying lightly with Multipurpose Cleaner, allowing to soak for a few seconds and blotting dry with paper towelling or a clean cloth. It may be necessary to repeat this operation a few times. Note: do not harshly rub the surface, as this can damage fibres within the fabric or carpet. 
  • Pouring approximately 200ml of Multipurpose Cleaner into Kitchen sinks at the end of the day and allowing to soak overnight will help reduce the build-up of fats and grease in the drain trap.