Prochem Urine Neutraliser x5 Litre - B15305

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This Prochem Urine Neutraliser is ideal for commercial use where the regular neutralisation and deodorising of urine is important. This is an acidic deodorant that can be applied directly to surface areas to neutralise odour from urine deposits and prevent staining. Available in a 5 litre bottle that can be purchase as a single product or as a bulk buy option.

Prochem Acid Deodorant

An exclusive Prochem acidic deodorant neutralising and deodorising urine by direct application. Neutralises odour from urine deposits on contact and prevents staining. For use on all carpet types. Commercial Or Domestic Environments.

General Information:

  • Yellow tinted liquid.
  • Fresh fragrance.
  • Dilution 1 to 1 pH4.

Prochems formulations are developed in-house to meet strict performance, safety, quality and environmental criteria.