Prochem Rust Remover 1 Litre

Ref: PRB198
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Prochem Rust Remover

A specially formulated acidic gel for the removal of rust, iron mould and old blood stains on carpet and fabric. For professional and industrial use only. Rust Remover is ready-to-use. Shake before using. Always pre-test fibres and fabrics in an inconspicuous location for suitability and colour fastness.

  • Professional rust remover for carpets, fabrics & most surfaces
  • Economical and safe-to-use
  • Does not require chemical neutralisation
  • Clear viscous liquid
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Ready-to-use

Some fabrics and dyes may be sensitive to acidic solutions. Apply Rust Remover directly to the rust spot. Avoid over-application. Allow several minutes contact time. Agitate gently during this time with a brush or scraper. Blot and extract area thoroughly with clear water.

Repeat steps above if necessary. Groom carpet or fabric to align fibres. Note: Old rust spots will require longer contact time than fresh rust spots.

Agitation speeds rust spot removal. Thorough extraction will prevent re-appearance of rust spot.



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