Prochem Prespray Gold B107-05 5 Litres

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Prochem Prespray Gold B107 is a high concentrate professional strength prespray cleaner for wool, woolmix, stain resistant nylon and othe pH sensitive wet-cleanable carpets, rugs and upholstrey fabrics. Prespray Gold B107 is a new advanced formula product with high cleaning power but mild pH to tackle tough oily and greasy soils prior ro extraction rinsing. Amber liquid with floral lemon fragrance.
Directions for use : Dilute 30ml of Prespray Gold B107 per litre of water (1 to 32)

Always pre-test carpets or fabrics for colour fastness and texture change with diluted solution before proceeding.

Apply diluted solution by suitable sprayer and agitate heavily soiled areas with carpet pile brush or upholstery brush and white towel. Follow up with extraction cleaning to pre-treated areas using Fibre and Fabric Rinse, Liquid Woolsafe or Fibresafe Gold in the extraction machine solution tank. Do not allow pre-treated areas to dry before following up with extraction cleaning

Where pre-inspection and testing indicates a risk of colour bleed or browning, use only Fibre and Fabric Rinse subject to testing and in accordance with label directions. Do not use this product on water sensitive fibres or fabrics.