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Prochem Power Burst S789-04 4 Kilos

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Prochem Power Burst

A powerful, high performance alkaline detergent pre-spray for pre-cleaning heavily soiled commercial carpet. Ideal for greasy restaurant carpets and traffic lanes where there is a high build up of grease, oil, fats, food and protein soils.

  • Enzyme-free high performance pre-spray.
  • Ideal for greasy restaurant carpets and traffic lanes where there is a high build-up of grease.
  • Can be pre-diluted for use in injection sprayers.
  • White powder with floral fragrance.

For professional and industrial use only. Mix 15ml (1 measure scoop) of Power Burst per litre of hot water (1 to 66) (maximum temperature 65°C). For injection sprayer, mix 45ml (3 measure scoops) of Power Burst per litre of hot water in the sprayer container. Always pretest carpet for colour fastness with ready-to-use solution before proceeding. Apply diluted solution by sprayer then agitate with carpet pile brush.

Allow to react with soil for 5 to 10 minutes then extract with B109 Fibre & Fabric Rinse or Prochem extraction detergent. Do not allow pretreated areas to dry before extracting. Always rinse with B109 Fibre & Fabric Rinse on Wool and Wool-mix carpets.

Super-strength alkaline detergent pre-spray for heavily soiled commercial carpet


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