Prochem Neutral Pro-Spotter with Spray 1 litre

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The Prochem Neutral Pro-Spotter with Spray is a professional neutral pH spotter effective on most food, drink and general water based stains. This is an easy to use product that can be applied directly to the stain and left to dry to a powder for brushing or vacuuming away. The Prochem Neutral Pro-Spotter with Spray has been approved by the Woolsafe Organisation for use on Wool and Wool-rich carpets and fabrics. Coming in a 1 litre spray bottle, this product is available as a single purchase or as a bulk buying option.

Prochem Neutral Pro-Spotter

A unique neutral pH spotting agent which is effective on food, beverage and most spots on carpet and fabric. Neutral Pro-Spotter can be used safely on any wet cleanable fibre or fabric. WOOLSAFE Approved maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs.

  • Ready-to-use all-purpose neutral pH spotter for carpets & fabrics
  • WoolSafe approved.
  • Clear liquid with floral fragrance.

Scrape up any surface spot material then apply Neutral Pro-Spotter directly to spot with spray applicator. Blot with clean white towel or tissue. Do not rub. Work from outside to centre of large spots. Repeat if necessary, then rinse with clean water if required. Brush fibres to align pile. Neutral Pro-Spotter should be rinsed out after heavy application to carpet or fabric

1 litre