Prochem Liquid Defoamer x5 Litre - S760-05

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The Prochem Liquid Defoamer is a high quality and professional anti-foam concentrate for extraction machine recovery tanks. This product comes in a 5 litre bottle making it ideal for commercial cleaning purposes. It is available to buy as a single product or as a bulk buy option.

Prochem Liquid Defoamer 

A concentrated defoaming agent for the control of foam in hot water extraction machines. Liquid Defoamer is designed to prevent oversudsing caused by shampoo, soap and spotting agent residues and can be used in all types of extraction cleaning equipment.

  • Do not apply Defoamer directly to the carpet. For excessive foam, increase the amount of Liquid Defoamer required.
  • Professional anti-foam concentrate for carpet hot water extraction machines.
  • Contains high concentrate of powerful silicone emulsion which counteracts foam from previous shampoo residues.
  • White liquid with mild odour.

For professional and industrial use only. Shake well before use. Add 20ml. of Liquid Defoamer concentrate per 10 litres of recovery tank capacity (1 to 500). Mix the required amount of concentrate in a small amount of water and feed this solution into the vacuum hose, with the vacuum motor switched on

. For upright extraction machines with no vacuum hose, add pre-diluted Liquid Defoamer directly to the waste recovery tank. Repeat above methods of defoaming after every emptying of the waste recovery tank. Do not add Defoamer to the cleaning solution.