Prochem Fluoroseal CF- 5 Litres

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Prochem Fluoroseal CF

The Prochem Fluoroseal Plus is a top quality odourless fluorocarbon carpet protector which coats and protects fibres against water and oil based spillages. This product comes in a 5 litre bottle and is ideal for commercial use. It is a ready to use formula that should be applied to a new carpet or after extraction cleaning. It can be bought as a single purchase or as a bulk buy option.

  • Dual Function carpet and upholstery protector based on cationic technology for durable soil and stail resistance. 
  • Suitable for use on most wet-cleanable carpets and fabrics. 
  • WoolSafe apporved protector for wool carpets and rugs.

White Liquid

Dilute 15m square per 1L for fabrics.
Floor coverage approx 30-50 sq m
pH 5


Q Can you apply Fluoroseal onto a dry carpet?
A It's much better to apply to a carpet that has just been cleaned and is wet, the carpet fibres expand and absorb the Fluoroseal therefore protecting the carpet better.

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