Prochem Crystal Green x4 Kg

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Prochem's premium non-ionic carpet cleaning extraction detergent for specular results on tough, oily and greasy soils. Crystal Green's unique non-ionic formula is compatible with B125 Clensan for cleaning and sanitising in one pouration. Green powder with herbal lemon fragrance.

Prochem Crystal Green

Crystal Green is a highly concentrated powdered detergent, formulated for hot water extraction cleaning of heavily soiled and greasy carpets. For professional and industrial use only.

  • Prochem's premium non ionic carpet extraction detergent.
  • Heavy duty non ionic carpet cleaner for carpet soil extraction achines
  • Pectacular results on tough, oily and greasy soils.
  • Green powder with herbal lemon fragrance.

Portable extraction machines Mix 15ml. (1 measure scoop) of Crystal Green per 10 litres of hot water in the machine solution tank. Mix thoroughly until fully dissolved. Truck mount units Mix 1 litre by volume of Crystal Green powder in 20 litres of warm water to make metering concentrate. Set flow meter at 2 to 4 GPH.

Always pre test carpet for colour fastness with ready to use solution before proceeding. Pretreat heavily soiled areas with S709 Multi Pro or S710 Trafficlean according to label directions, then follow up with normal extraction cleaning procedure.