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Prochem Citra Boost 1 Litre

Ref: PRB84501
ex VAT £21.95 inc VAT £26.34

Prochem Citra-Boost

Prochem Citra-Boost is an advanced technology blend of cleaning solvents and detergents formulated for use as a de-greasing additive for carpet and fabric cleaning solutions. For professional and industrial use only.

  • Degreasing additive & solvent booster for carpet & fabric cleaning solutions
  • Professional strength solvent based cleaning additive
  • Can be added to pre-spray, extraction detergent or rotary shampoo solutions
  • Peach liquid with orange citrus fragrance.

CAUTION: Always pre-test carpets and fabrics for colour fastness and texture change with ready-to-use solutions before proceeding. Do not overuse Citra-Boost which may affect some carpet backings and pump seals after prolonged contact. Use only at recommended concentrations. Carpet and fabric pre-spray additive: Add 10 to 15ml Citra-Boost per litre of ready-to-use pre-spray solution.

Power Injection Sprayer: Add 30ml Citra-Boost per litre of solution concentrate. Portable Extractors: Add 5ml Citra-Boost per 10 litres of ready-to-use extraction solution. Do not overuse. Truck Mounts: Add 50 to 100ml Citra-Boost per 10 litres of truck mount solution concentrate.

Meter at 2 to 4 GPH Carpet rotary shampoo additive: Add 5 to 10ml Citra-Boost per litre of ready-to-use shampoo solution.


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