Pillar Ashtray Stainless Steel

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Pillar ashtray stainless steel.

This year in the United Kingdom it has become an offence by law to smoke in all public indoor spaces, including pubs, bars, restaurants and all indoor workspaces.
The law came into force on 2nd April in Wales, 30th April in Northern Ireland, and 1st July in England.
Members of the public who are caught in breach of this ban by designated public officials will face an on the spot fine of £50.
Owners of premises failing to display no-smoking signs will face a fine of up to £1000 also imposed by specially designated public officials.
This Stainless Steel Pillar Ashtray is ideal for use in your designated outdoor smoking area.
Stainless steel pillar ashtray for internal/ external use. Fitted with loose central collecting bin and pre drilled mounting holes (bolts not supplied). Ideal for use in designated outdoor smoking areas following the recently introduced smooking ban in the United Kingdom. size 1020 X 250 X 200 (H X W X D)