P-Curve Air Freshener x10

Ref: 102-0054
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“The almost anywhere 30 day air freshener”

The new holder allows you to put the air freshener anywhere you want thanks to the double sided tape. When the fragrance is running out or the unit needs changing simply leave the holder and exchange the Curve for a new one.

The Curve contains 50x more fragrance than a standard toilet rim stick and will stay fresh for roughly 30 days. Date tabs around the outside of the Curve let you set a date for replacement and then easily see when to replace.

The Curve can be used in many environments such as:

  • The side of toilets
  • Inside bathrooms
  • Dustbin lids
  • Office desks
  • Cars
  • Anywhere it will stick!

Available in Mango, Citrus and Fabulous fragrances.

Pack includes 2x holders and 10x curves.