Osprey Robby Steam `n ' Vac Steam Cleaner

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The Robby Osprey Steam `n' Vac Steam Cleaner is a maximum health care steam and vacuum cleaner, plus the NO DUST BAG water filter system that eliminates dust mites and smells.

The Robby Steam and Vac is a hygienic steam and vacuum machine and can be used to clean a wide range of environments. Plus, the vacuum does not require a dust bag, but instead uses a water filtration system that eliminates dust mites and smells!

The Robby Steam & Vac is a steam cleaner, a dry vacuum cleaner and a wet vacuum cleaner all in one and can be used in areas such as the kitchen, lounge, bedroom and bathroom. The Robby Steam and Vac is ideal for the Healthcare Sector or for front of house use in hotels and guest houses.

  • Maximum power: 2200 Watt
  • Steam pressure: 4.5 Bar. Nominal
  • Bolier capacity: 1 Litre
  • Heating up time: 4 minutes approx
  • Cable lenght: 3 Metres
  • Machine dimensions: 48cm x 30cm x 32cm
  • Net weight: 9KG
  • Max.Boiler temperature: 155'c

The Robby Seam and Vac comes with the following accessories as standard:

Steam and Vacuum Hose

Blower Hose

Nylon Detail Brush

Rectangular Brush

Triangular Brush

Extension Tube

Medium Brush

Bristles for Medium Brush

Slider for Medium Brush

Wide Suction Nozzle

Swivel Dust Brush

Carpet Accessory

Squeegee insert (fits Rectangular Brush)

Suction Nozzle

Large Squeegee

Small Squeegee

Single Hole Detail

Three Hole Detail

Brush Insert (fits Recangular Brush)

Red Funnel

For years previously all of the cleaning in hospitals was being done using traditional methods such as mops, buckets and chemicals. This resulted in the surfaces looking very clean but they were shown to still contain swabs of very dangerous bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, which is the pre-cursor to the antibiotic resistant and fatal MRSA bacteria.

But by using any of the steam cleaners in the Janitorial Direct Ltd range it completely eliminates the risk of bacteria such as these from surviving.

Steam cleaning will save you and/or your business vital time and money. Cleaning applications that have previously needed the hiring of expensive outside deep cleaners or contract cleaners can now be tackled quickly and effectively in house saving on time and labour costs and easily cutting expenditure on chemicals in half. The applications in all of these industries are similar and frequently overlap as shown below:

  • Kitchens
  • Pot Wash Floor
  • Altro, Wood, Lino, Tiled, Carpeted, Stone Floors
  • Inside Oven & Cooker Hoods
  • Dry Steam cuts through grease
  • Filters On Grills
  • Hard To Shift Built Up Dirt & Grime
  • Tiling - Can bring up grouting as new
  • Carpets & Upholstery
  • Bar Area
  • Dining Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Mattresses
  • Walls & Ceilings
  • Toilets & Urinals
  • Refrigerator Seals & Condensers

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