Numatic Spraymop SM40

Ref: SM40
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Without doubt one of the most useful floorcare damp mopping accessories for professional use.

The Spraymop has a full 40cm (16') Microfibre mop head with its own integrated 400ml container that is operated by foot or hand in order to apply small amounts of water or cleaning solution to the floor, as required, in order to maintain the dampness of the mop. The standard cleaning head is maufactured to our unique Nylostripe specification. This is a dual function operational design with the active strips cleaning the floor surface whilst the deep collection fabric retains the accumulated dirt during use.
By maintaining the dampness of the Microfibre with spray system, the collection and accumulation of dirt particles is substantially enhanced and will be effective even without the use of added chemicals and detergents.
The universal stainless steel Z coupling between the aluminium mop stick and cleaning head provides full 360 articulation, allowing varying movement techniques to suit different areas and applications. The Nylostripe mop head is easily removed and replaced due to the simple elasticated pocket system- there are no special fixing method.

  • Bottle 400ML
  • Pad 40CM
  • Weight 1KG
  • Size 1400MM