Nilco Floor Polishing Machine Fakir 3SL - 180 RPM

Ref: 3SL
ex VAT £599.00 inc VAT £718.80

The Nilco Fakir 3SL three brush floor polishing machine is a 500 watt, floor polisher utilising three brushes arranged in a compact triangular layout. The machine has a central dust suction facility to provide the user with cleaner working conditions. The Nilco Fakir 3SL floor polisher also features top-to-bottom dust flow and double filtration through a two-ply paper filter as well as a textile fine-dust filter. The unit is manufactured using a robust metal housing. The Nilco Fakir 3SL floor polisher is a heavy-duty machine designed for use in small areas where there is no need for a more expensive large single brush machine. The Nilco Fakir 3SL floor polisher is ideal for use in toilets, kitchens, shops, churches and small offices, just about anywhere that requires an economical, compact and highly manouverable brush polisher is required.

  • Motor: 500w.
  • Speed: 180rpm.
  • Width: 310mm / 12 inch.
  • Weight: 11kg.
  • Brush dimension: 140mm.

Q. Would this machine be suitable for use on the hardwood waxed floors in my kitchen and living room?

A. Yes, the Nilco Fakir 3SL is suitable for use in a domestic environment providing it is used with the appropriate pads and polishes. Please contact our sales team on 01562 512870 for further information.