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Multi-User Budgeting

Take the stress out and take back control of your orders

Example Multi-User Budget Flow

Features and Benefits you can enjoy by getting set and ordering online.

  • SITE BUDGET TRACKING – Keeping you permanently in control of what is being spent and where.
  • VARIABLE BUDGET CONTROL – Different sites can different budgets.
  • PRODUCT HISTORY – Know the products and frequency of the orders placed by your staff.
  • PRODUCT PRIORITY – We will endeavour to keep your items in stock, becoming your stores and making ‘To Follows’ a thing of the past whilst giving you peace of mind.
  • EASE OF USE - We will get everything set up for you, simply log in and place your orders.
  • NOTIFICATIONS - You will always receive an e-mail to alert you that an order has been placed.
  • MULTIPLE ADDRESSES – As your business grows we will grow with you, with no limit of delivery addresses or orders ready to be processed.
  • QUICK DELIVERY – We will get your order out the door within 24 hours.
  • HELP IS ON HAND - Our dedicated Sales team is always available to help you with any queries or requirements, either via the phone, e-mail or our Live Chat facility.
  • PRICE CHANGES – No more headaches of pricing discrepancies when placing your orders, the online prices will always be correct avoiding those future invoice queries.

Multi-User System

Janitorial Direct have spent many years developing a Multi-User system to make ordering for or customers as effective and easy as possible, saving both time and money.

This unique process will not only keep ordering on track and up to date, but is transparent to you, the Account Holder with access to all order history, products, pricing and delivery details.

By using the Multi-User process it will enable you to have all your staff and sites set up with their own personalised product folder, including the product range they use and the special prices which have been tailored for you. Once logged in they can place their order with ease and proceed to checkout, once this has been completed by you, the Account Manager will receive an e-mail letting you know that an order has been placed, simply log in, where you can see Who ordered and What has been requested including the Total Cost of the order placed. You are able to amend the order if you wish, delete product lines or refuse to release the order if you are not happy for it to be sent to its destination. Our sales team Will Never process an order without the authorisation of the decision maker.

A new exciting feature we have added is the option for Site Budgeting and Authorisation for your sites, you are now able to set a fixed budget per site that can be used either per order, weekly or monthly, if your site has gone over their allocated spend this trigger an e-mail alert to you to let you know this has happened keeping you in control.

As the person in charge of the company spend and running a team of people we understand the pressures of maintaining standards whilst keeping within budget and have built and the Multi-User function around solving the problems our customers deal with to make your job easier.


We Can Help…

To find out more about the Multi-User system and how it can work for you and your business please contact our Sales Team on 01299 252440 or e-mail