Modular Paper Hand Towel Plastic Dispenser

Ref: COES230
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£26.39 £21.99
  • Green/Blue 1ply C-Fold x 2640 (PD100) + £22.79 (Ex VAT: £18.99)
  • White 2ply Luxury C-Fold x 2430 (HT204) + £27.59 (Ex VAT: £22.99)
  • Green/Blue 1ply V-Fold x 2640 (HT3600B) + £23.99 (Ex VAT: £19.99)
  • White 2ply Luxury V-Fold x 2430 (HTW1300) + £31.88 (Ex VAT: £26.57)
  • Blue 1ply Z-Fold x 2640 (101-0009) + £29.99 (Ex VAT: £24.99)
  • White 2ply Luxury Z-Fold x 3000 (101-0070) + £35.57 (Ex VAT: £29.64)
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Modular White Plastic Hand Towel Dispenser.

This Modular White Plastic hand towel dispenser accepts both interleaved and C-fold hand towels up to 255mm in width.

The hard-wearing ABS cover automatically locks shut when closed, and each dispenser is supplied with a key.

Furthermore, the manufacture has re-designed the most hard-working part of the dispenser, the towel outlet slot and to stand up to constant use, the results are that this dispenser is both strong and versatile. This makes it the ideal dispenser for use in high traffic washroom or kitchen areas.

The easy view window provides quick check levels for better stock management.

Capacity 380mm stack.

  • Height:40CM.
  • Width:29CM.
  • Depth:15CM.

Q. Is this dispenser suitable for any c-fold hand towel?

A. Yes, any c-fold hand towel up to 255mm in width.