Modular Jumbo Stub Plastic Toilet Roll Dispenser

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Modular White Plastic Jumbo Stub Toilet Roll Dispenser, with blue viewing panel.

This New Modular Jumbo Stub Toilet Roll Dispenser is environmentally friendly as it reduces the amount of paper waste. Once your jumbo roll is almost finished, you can move it over to the 'stub' roll part. Then place a new full jumbo roll on the main holder enableing the user to use both side of the dispenser therefore every bit of paper is utilised and your customer never runs out.

The Core of the Modular Stub Dispenser has a clever reversible spigot so both 3 inch and 2 1/4 inch core diameters can be used.

This Modular Dispenser is ideal to use in high traffic washroom areas such as bars, restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc as no waste paper is produced and the time-saving model is designed to be re-filled less often to save time and money.

232mm x 338mm x 123mm - HWD