Microfibre Mop Kit 20" FT0111

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The Micro fibre kit 20' is ideal for safety flooring. consists of 1 x handle, 1 x frame and pad.

Also available 12' kit

The Micro fibre mop is at last a solution to cleaning both non-slip floors and wooden floors. The Microtex mop has revolutionised floor cleaning methods by using less water and less chemicals and even with these features it cleans more quickly and more efficiently than other mopping systems.

To use the Microfibre Mop kit simply dampen the microfibre mop head, press it onto the lightweight aluminium frame and then do the mopping. The Microtex fibres in the Microfibre mop will efficiently clean all floor surfaces, even those which can under normal circumstances prove difficult to clean such as non-slip floors and wooden floors.

When you have finished using the Microfibre Mop system simply remove the mop (and at the same time the dirt!) and then wash it clean. There's less work for the cleaning staff to do and less effort required but it still leaves an absolutely gleaming finish.