Microfibre Stayflat Kentucky Mop 340g

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New microfibre technology in unique mop style.

Microfibre Kentucky Stayflat Mop 340g 

New microfibre technology in unique mop style.

High level of absorption with microfibre efficiency to clean floors fast and hygienically.

This kentucky style microfibre mop looks similar to a traditional mop but the performance is quite simply exceptional in comparison.

Available in one size only and weighing in at 12oz this mop is manufactured with flat strips of microfibre yarn stitched to keep them flat.

Colour coded cut off tab system featuring the distinct colours:

  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • Yellow.
  • Green.

This choice of colours allows the operative to allocate specific colours to particular areas, thus avoiding cross contamination.

We recommend:

  • Red for sanitary appliances and washroom floors.
  • Blue for general lower risk areas (excluding food areas).
  • Green for general food and bar use.
  • Yellow for washbasins and other washroom surfaces.

This microfibre solution offers advanced cleaning from the basic mop without the need for harsh chemical solutions.