Lotus Foam Soap Dispenser Blue

Ref: 061160
ex VAT £36.12 inc VAT £43.34

This Lotus Professional Dispenser is designed for use with the Lotus Foam Soap re-fills, with its low dose, high volume foam this foam soap dispenser delivers a high quality, effective wash at fantastic value.

The benefit of using foam soap is it gives fast, effective hand coverage with no need to invigorate into lather and does not leave the hands sticky to touch. Each cartridge has a new pump and nozzel which increases the reliability as the pump and nozzle only has to last the life of one cartridge. It also has increased performance as common leakage problems are all but eliminated, which increases hygiene as there is no clogging and build up of contaminants on the nozzle. This Lotus Foam Soap Dispenser not only feels but looks good and leaves you with a feeling of both quality and innovation

Dimensions: 135 x 125 x 260(h)mm