L-ONE MINI Dispenser For Wipers and Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls ***FREE DISPENSERS AVAILABLE CALL FOR DETAILS***

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L-ONE MINI Dispenser For Wipers and Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls

Designed to house both paper roll wipers and mini jumbo toilet rolls, the L-ONE dispenser can fit the roll into the centre of the plastic dispenser and with a single pull, the dispenser will release one peice of paper at a time. Single sheet dispenser systems are created to save customers money and time not having to replacing the contents of the dispenser, which is cost-effective and meaning businesses will cut costs on the amount of paper wasted.

70% REDUCTION IN PAPER - By using the L-ONE dispenser, with its single-sheet dispensing, this will deliver a reduction in consumption of 70%, meaning:

  • Less Waste - Less sheets used, less time spent refilling.
  • Costs are lower - Reduced maintenance, fewer refills and less transport.
  • Reduced storage: Less stockroom space required.
  • Practical one hand action - By pulling out a single sheet, using one hand, this will save valuable time, making the L-ONE even more efficient.
  • Hygienic and Safe - Meaning the dispenser protects the roll from the dust, dirt and other environmental factors that it will face. The Single-sheet extraction system, means each sheet will only be handled by the person who pulls it out from the dispenser, eradicating all possibilities of cross-contamination, in accordance with HACCP requirements.
  • Versatile - Ideal for many environments including workshops, proffessional kitchens, industrial settings, washroom areas, schools and more.
  • 2 in 1 - The L-ONE Mini Dispenser is also variable in that it can switch roles from a toilet roll dispenser into a industrial wiper dispenser. It is recommended that the dispenser is fitted 70cm above the floor if it is a toilet roll dispenser or a 140cm above the floor if it is used as an industrial wiper dispenser.
  • Stylish - With its compact design, the L-ONE dispensers will fit into any environment and still look classy.
  • Made from ABS plastic and polypropilene.
  • Lockable - The L-ONE dispenser is also lockable, meaning that there is less chance of anyone stealing the contents of the dispenser. This also means there isn't any chance of the dispenser opening by itself and the contents falling onto the floor.

260mm x 200mm x 190mm (H x L x D)