Kleen Mist Air Freshner System Bobson 260

Ref: CO1142
ex VAT £35.19 inc VAT £42.22

5/ 10/ 15/ 20 minute adjustable cycle.

24 hour day/ night sensor.

White impact resistant ABS cabinet with marble effect trim.

Requires 2 x D cell battery for 12 months operation.

Lockable cabinet to prevent aerosol theft.

Accepts Conticio KleenMist aerosols as below.

H: 8' (20cm), W: 4' (9.9cm), D: 3' (8.2cm)

With LED indicator.

Ideal for all areas to refresh.


Q: Can i order a box of mixed fragrances?

A: Yes you can, please contact the sales office on 01562 512870.