How To Clean a Concrete Floor


1) Use silicate dressings, two-pots pigments/ no pigmented epoxy resins, rubber or polyurethane.

2) New floors allowed to harden for up to six months before application.

3) Scrub with alkaline detergent, detergent crystals or solventbased detergent as appropriate to remove grease, oils and waxes.

4) Etching with strong acid will improve adhesion.


1) Not normally required.

2) A water-based polish may be used on a sealed floor.

3) Scrub with neutral alkaline detergent, rinse, neutralize and dry.


1) Unsealed; use systems 2 and 7. Heavy impactions of soil removed by scarifying

2) Sealed; use systems 2 and 8 although other systems involving spray cleaning and the use of polishes may be used if there is an established requirement.

3 ) Solvent-based seals can be removed by sanding or use a chemical stripper.


1) Sealing is preferred to prevent dusting

2) Regular use of strong alkaline cleaners will damage floor if unsealed