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External Cleaning with our Karcher Pressure Washers

Car Cleaning Machines

We suggest that Karcher pressure washers are the best product to use when cleaning cars. A wide variety of pressure washers are available from Janitorial Direct.

Cleaning the rims on your car will no longer be a challenge as our Karcher pressure washers will excel in getting the tough stains of brake dust, mud and grease from your car's rims. It only takes a little bit of cleaning product and one of our pressure washers to clean the rims and you will be amazed by the results.

Cleaning Car Rims

Step back about two feet and a little off to the side of the rim. Using one of our Karcher pressure washers, rinse the rim at close range, about 8 inches away.

Try to spray in the cracks and from many angles. Spray the rim in a circular motion following the out side of the rim.

Rinse the tyre also, especially if you have white walls. Put the Pressure Washer down and spray the rim cleaner on the tire and white walls. Rinse the white wall this time from 5 inches away, but standing back. Hold the Pressure Washer nozzle and follow the white wall around the tire. Next spray the rim with Rim Cleaner generously and allow ten seconds to pass. Now rinse the rim at about 8 inches away with Karcher pressure washers. After you are done with the entire car rinse the rims slowly from a distance and dry.

Driveway Cleaning Machines

A wide variety of drives can be cleaned by using Karcher pressure washers, which include drives made from tarmac, block paving and concrete.

Drives can take a lot of abuse with daily doses of road dirt, grease, oil and salt. All this can be cleaned of quickly and efficiently with our Karcher pressure washers.

You may want to pre-treat oil spills and stains. Consider soaking up excess oil spills with cat litter or sawdust.

For maximum cleaning power with your pressure washer, use your low pressure setting and apply Heavy-Duty Degreaser to heavily soiled areas. Allow the detergent to remain on the surface for 1-3 minutes to break up grease. Finish with the high pressure water spray, working in smooth, overlapping strokes.

Wooden Deck Cleaning Machines

Karcher pressure washers are excellent for cleaning wood as they get down to the wood grain to remove ground-in, saturated dirt and grime.

Start by removing any items that obstruct the area you are cleaning such as furniture on your deck or a hose reel next to the house. Consider covering any nearby plants or bushes. Karcher pressure washers have enough power to shred any exposed greenery.

Since wood is a relatively soft material, you'll want to take extra care not to damage it. Start washing in an inconspicuous area, at least 4-5 feet from the surface, and move closer as you get a sense of the waterpower. Move the water spray in the direction of the wood grain, in a smooth and steady motion.

A good rule of thumb is to use a spray pattern that hits the surface approximately as wide as the boards you are cleaning. This will help keep the water stream at a fan width that will effectively clean, yet not damage, your wood surface.