Hard Floor Cleaning Guide

With the popularity of home make-over television programs, hard floors have become much more fashionable to home owners. Often the maintenance and cleaning of a new floor is over looked.

Below are our hints and tips for cleaning the hard floors in your house.

How do I clean my new hard floor?

The answer is to 'seal' the floor with an acrylic polish or an oil based product, depending on personal preference. The seal will depend on the type of floor (ask for advise) this will give a protective coating.

Thereafter, in most cases, the floor needs to be maintained with a “maintainer” which is applied and then buffed up with a machine, such as a PST222 or a Fakir or for larger areas a BMD1000 would be appropriate.

Before buffing debris needs to be taken off the floor with a vacuum (ie, Henry) with the hard floor setting on the floor tool, or to use the Biomop System (code ART970) with the Velcro Mop (code ART868) which fits to the bottom of the mopping system. The system has a tank attached to dispense a cleaner and has a universal joint that allows for easy use.