Graffiti Remover 750ml Trigger Spray x6

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Graffiti Remover 6x750ml Trigger Sprays.

Graffiti Remover 6x750ml Trigger Sprays

Graffiti remover designed to remove aerosol spray paint, marker paint and ballpoint pen from any stone, plastic metal and brickwork structures.

This is also great for cleaning marks from whiteboards that are too stubborn to be removed.

Instructions of use:

  • Apply the product to the surface with graffiti.
  • Leave the product to work for 3-5 minutes.
  • Use a power washer to remove or scrub manually with a stiff bristle to remove the graffiti then rinse the graffiti remover off.

Usage Areas:

Safe to be used on any stainless steel appliance, chrome, ceramics, marble, limestone and other stones that are natural, enamal, aluminium, galvanised metal, copper, brass and textiles.

This graffiti remover is not only fast acting but also is easy to rinse away, making it ideal for cleaning off graffiti fast and efficiently.

Sold in boxes of 6x750ml trigger sprays.