Soap - Gojo Foam Fresh Berry Hand Wash - 3 x 1250ml (FMX)

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The Gojo FMX Luxury Foam Soap is a Ultra -mild hand soap refill cartridge 1250ml(sold in cases of 3 x 1250ml) Use dispenser code 5157

GOJO Foam Fresh Berry Hand Wash

** 3 x 1250ml Bottles ** 

It's not just about getting hands clean. It's about keeping skin healthy. Changing the lives or workers who thought soiled-looking, work-worn hands were part of the job. Taking preventative measures to reduce the occurrence of occupational dermatitis to help keep workers healthy. Improving the perception of quality in a facility by simply offering a more pleasant handwashing experience. From the introduction of our first waterless hand cleaner over 60 years ago to our new spa-quality luxury foam cleansers, body wash and shampoo. GOJO brand products have consistently delivered high-quality solutions to help keep skin clean and healthy.

Gojo FMX foam soap is kind to skin and delightful to use thanks to the air contained in the foam which gives it a rich & creamy texture.
The foaming mechanism, built into the refills, transforms the liquid formulation into over 12 times it's volume as foam, which provides significantly more hand washes than traditional liquid soap dispensers.
This system is fully reliable & hygienic thanks to:
A valve, directly built into each cartridge, that transforms the liquid into foam. This means you have a new system every time you change cartridges.
A hygienically-sealed, impermeable cartridge to prevent any cross contamination.