Fly Glue Board Killers Vanquish

ex VAT £188.00 inc VAT £225.60

The Vanquish is a slimline, discreet yet very efficient glue board fly killer. It is fitted
with 2, 36 watt high attraction energy saving lamps and a fully electronic lighting gear
which ensures low power consumption and doe not require starters.
By combining the above features with a super size glue board of over 1,240 sq cm
(complete with monitoring squares), the VANQUISH is a truly effective fly control unit,
protecting up to 360 sq metres.
Its anodised aluminium and steel construction means that it not only looks good but also
offers excellent corrosion resistance.
The following features are incorporated on the Insect-a-clear VANQUISH
Stylish contemporary fly killer design.
Discreet glue-board for trapping and retaining flying insects.
Super sized, easy to fit, glue board with monitoting squares
Fully electronic lighting gear – ensures low power consumption.
Suitable for wall mounting.
Anodised aluminium & steel construction for excellent corrosion resistance and attractive looks.
Attracts flying insects within an area up yo 360 sq metres.
2, 36 watt high attraction energy saver lamps – no separate starters required.
Designed and manufactured in the UK.
CE approved and formally tested to BSEN 60598-1:2004
Removable front door for easy installation or cleaning.