Feminine Sani Bag Dispenser Metallic Grey

ex VAT £10.60 inc VAT £12.72

Disposal bag dispenser for feminine hygiene personal waste which prevents waste adhering to flap. Also prevents soiling bin flap. With a single bag delivery and simple installation via adhesive pad provided.


These soft white kitchen towels are ideal for kitchen and general purpose use.These kitchen towels are of good quality and maximum absorption. Pack size is 24 rolls.
These kitchen rolls are ideal for wiping up spillages and general kitchen wipe downs. A good quality kitchen towel with a general purpose.
These feminine hygiene bags are often provided in female toilets in hotels, restaurants,leisure centres, shopping centres, hospitals,public houses, theatres, cinemas etc.
When femine hygiene bags are provided it promotes a hyginenic caring and professional view by the user of the company, customer or employer or whoever is responsible for providing the feminine hygiene bags.