Detergent - Washing up Liquid x 5 Litre

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This Detergent is from the Janitorial Direct own brand and is an effective washing up liquid. It comes in a 5 litre bottle making it an economical purchase that is ideal for workplaces and commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants and cafes. It provides a powerful clean to crookery and kitchen utensils when needing to wash them by hand. It is available to buy online as a bulk buy option.

A high quality medium strength washing up liquid for use as a hand dishwashing detergent or as a general detergent concentrate.

For dishwashing add directly to hot water in sink, preferably under running taps to ensure the solution is well mixed in.

Clean dishes and cutlery using a soft brush or cloth then wipe or allow to drain dry. For the very best results rinse the items with clean water.

For hard surfaces make up a 1:40 solution and then clean using a soft cloth or brush.