Craftex Antifoam Concentrate 5 Litre

Ref: 0020
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The Craftex Anit-Foam Concentrate liquid is to be added to the recovery tank prior to cleaning carpets to control the detergent from foaming. We highly reccomend anti-foam concentrate to be used with all carpet cleaning machines because if acces foam is produced while carpet cleaning this can damaged any vacuum motors within the machine. This product is also safe to use on wool carpets.

  • 1 litre also available.
  • Dilution rate 1:500.
  • pH 7.
  • Safe to use on wool.
  • Green product.

Directions of use

Shake well before use. Add 60ml to 120ml of the Craftex Antifoam Concentrate Liquid (0020) to the recovery tank of your water extraction machinery, prior to cleaning operation. Can be sprayed directly onto extremely foamy carpets before cleaning.  Also can be used to coat the inside of water extraction vacuum hoses.

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