Super Professional Chlorine Bleach Tablets x300

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These Super Covchlor Chlorine Bleach Tablets are used for sanitising water. The tablets have an active ingredient of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate. Chlorine is widely used as a disinfectant for water that kills pathogenic organisms. These Chlorine Bleach Tablets are ideal for commercial use. As well as disinfecting work surfaces and equipment; they can be used to keep swimming pools and spas clean.

Super Covchlor Chlorine Bleach Tablets.

Chlorine is widely used as a disinfectant for water,  it will kill pathogenic organisms and is more effective in the long term than iodine. When dissolved in water, Super Covchlor Chlorine Tablets give a measured dose of available chlorine, which can be used for the disinfection of equipment, work surfaces, plant etc, in the hospital, medical, hotel and catering and local authority industries. Chlorine Bleach Tablets are also used as an easily measured method for keeping swimming pools clean and clear of algae, etc.

Features and benefit

  • Produces a powerful sanitising solution.
  • Kills germs.
  • High activity against a wide range of bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses including A.I.D.S and Hepatitis B.
  • Easy to use.
  • Prolonged shelf Life.
  • Supplied in a container of 300 Chlorine Bleach Tablets.

Directions of use

1 Tablet in:

Gives available

Chlorine of:

Typical use:

Contact time required



Body fluids, Spills

2 minutes minimum



Laboratory discard jars


1 litre


General disinfection

15 minutes

2.5 litre


Drains, Sinks, WC pans


10 litre


Cloths, Mops, Glassware

30 minutes do not



Product Code: 299-0001