Carefree Stride 2000 x5 Litre

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The Carefree Stride 2000 is a heavy duty cleaner for Scrubber Dryers. This is an easy to use cleaner that can be applied using either a bucket and mop or with a scrubber dryer machine. The Carefree Stride 2000 is ideal for commercial premises and is available to buy as a single product or as part of a bulk buy option.

Carefree Stride 2000 is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner specifically designed to be used with Scrubber Dryers.

Not suitable for wood.


  • Odourless.

  • Low foaming.

    Dilution rates:

  • 1:20 for heavy soiled areas.

  • 1:40/80 for standard cleaning.

Q. I have been advised to use this product to clean our Supratec polyfloor. The instructions suggest using this cleaning fluid with a microfibre mop system. Can i use a standard mop?

A. It is fine to use a standard mop to apply this product but we would recommend the Microfibre Mopping System as this will give a better finish.