Brasso Liquid 150ml

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Brasso Liquid is a metal polish liquid that can be used on brass, copper, pewter and chrome. As well as this, Brasso Liquid can be used to restore scratched items including CDs and DVDs. This is an easy to use, versatile and effective product. It is available to buy as a single product or as a bulk buy option.

Brasso liquid is a metal polish used to clean brass, copper, pewter and chrome. This mild solvent has a fine abrasive which can be used to polish or restore CDs, DVDs, screens and pools.

Directions of use:

  • Make sure you shake the Brasso well before using, with a soft cloth, apply liquid and rub in a circular motion.
  • Leave for a few minutes.
  • Buff off with a dry soft cloth until dry.

If Brasso is rubbed radically onto a surface which is scratched this can be smoothed out and reduce the effected area.