Bourne Traffic Liquid Wax 5ltr

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This Bourne Traffic Liquid Wax cleans and polishes wooden floors in one easy application. This product is ideal for use on a number of floor surfaces including wood, cork, granwood and terracotta. Bourne Traffic Liquid Wax is ideal for use in commercial premises and is available to buy as a single product or as part of a bulk buy option.

  • Bourne Liquid Wax cleans and polishes wooden floors in one easy application.
  • Ideal for use on wood, cork, granwood and Terracotta floors.
  • Cleans, protects and builds a long lasting shine.

Sold in 5 litres.

Directions for use:
Allow product to reach room temperature and shake container well before use. Prior to application, dust control floor and damp mop with a well wrung out mop. Apply an even coat of Bourne Traffic Wax using a suitable applicator or trigger spray bottle. Allow to dry, and buff for shine with a high speed rotary floor machine fitted witha suitable buffing grade pad.

To Maintain: Dust control and lightly damp mop floor daily, maintain shine by machine buffing. Re-apply Bourne Liquid wax when worn and no longer responds to buffing, approximately every 1-4 weeks depending on traffic.

 Buffing improves slip resistance and durability

Do NOT Use On:




Asphalt Floors.

On top of emulsion floor polishes.

Q.What floor can I use it on?

A. Traffic liquid wax is ideal for use on wood, cork, granwood and terracotta floors. It must NEVER be used on thermoplastic, vinyl, rubber or ashphalt floors.

Q.How do I use Traffic Wax Liquid?

A. Apply an even coat using a suitable applicator onto the floor and spread it around with a squeegy mop. Allow for it to dry and then buff it to a shine up with a high speed floor polishing machine with a tan or red pad or polishing brushes. See the polishing machine section on this site.

Q. When should I re-apply Traffic wax Liquid?

A. Re-apply and buff in those areas that are worn and no longer respond to buffing every 1 to 4 weeks depending on the traffic conditions.

Q. Approx what is the coverage of this product?

A. Around 30m2