Body Fluid Spill Cleanup Kit

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Body Fluid Spill Kits for the safe and Hygienic control of body fluid spillages.

Body Fluid Spill Cleanup Kits are for safe and hygienic control of body fluid spillages. A must have for schools, hotels, local authorities, prisons, sports centres, shops, shopping centres, public toilets, day nurseries, factories, universities, etc.
The Body Fluid Spill Cleanup kit contains over-sleeves and gloves to help protect the users hands and clothes from becoming contaminated.
For easy removal and lifting of spillages plastic scoops and scrapers are also included, along with a super absorbent powder to aid this proccess. Plastic waste bags and separate bio hazard bags provide a safe disposal option for the removed contamination. For the final cleaning of the contaminated area the kit also includes disinfection wipes, bottles of disinfectant spray and bonded cleaning wipes.

There are two jobs worth of items contained in this version of the kit.

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