Which Are Better – Eco Friendly or Traditional Cleaning Products?

Have you ever considered switching from your normal cleaning products to a more eco friendly version? Or do you already use these products but wonder if you would be better off switching back to standard cleaning products? No matter which position you are in it can be difficult to change from your tried, tested and proven to work cleaning product to a new type of product.

There are pros and cons to using both types of products; to help make the choice easier here we’ve compared these two types of cleaning products.

The pros of using eco friendly cleaning products

Better for the environment

It almost goes without saying that one of the main benefits of using eco friendly cleaning products is that they are better for the environment. Traditional cleaning products often contain a lot of strong chemicals that can be harmful to the environment; such as when they are washed down drains, toilets and sinks. Green cleaning products are formulated using natural chemicals that are not only kind to the environment but are often biodegradable as well; for example we stock Toilet Cleaner from the Greener brand which not only provides an effective clean but is also kind to the environment when washed down the toilet.

Help people with allergies

Often the strong chemicals in standard cleaning products can aggravate those with allergies, such as eczema. The natural chemicals in green cleaning products usually don’t cause the same reaction to those with allergies; this is because natural chemicals are often not as harsh or strong as standard cleaning products. As well as this, the mild nature of green cleaning products often make them ideal for households or commercial premises with children, as their skin is often more sensitive to the harsh chemicals found in traditional cleaning products.

Provide an effective clean

Despite using natural chemicals, green cleaning products still provide an effective clean to households and work premises. These products can normally kill germs and bacteria, as well as remove dirt and stains. As well as this, green cleaning products can often be used on a wide range of materials and surfaces; this makes them a great choice for premises that have a wide range of surface types that need to be cleaned.

The cons of using eco friendly cleaning products

Can be more expensive

One of the main cons of choosing green cleaning products is that they can be more expensive than their conventional counterparts. For facilities that require constant cleaning choosing standard cleaning products often is the most cost effective option. To make buying cleaning products even more cost effective we often offer discounts on our online bulk buy orders.

Not as strong a clean

For really tough stains or areas that need a stronger clean is where traditional cleaning products stand out. While green products are great for mild cleans; if the area you have to clean has a high traffic, for example hospitals, public toilets or leisure centres, only traditional cleaning products will provide the strength of the clean needed. Many of the traditional cleaning products we stock have been formulated to offer a deep clean to places where there is a high footfall.

Doesn’t achieve excellent hygiene

For some facilities, for example hospitals, GP surgeries or swimming centres, excellent hygiene is a must. Standard cleaning products are still the only real option when it comes to achieving a high level of hygiene that these facilities need to ensure on a day to day basis.

While there are lots of benefits to using eco friendly cleaning products; there are times when these products are not the ideal option for the type of clean needed. For mild cleans in household and workplaces green cleaning products are often the perfect choice. If a more in depth clean is needed for a property with a high footfall standard cleaning products are the best option.