Handy Window Cleaning Tips

Many of our customers work in a commercial setting and require janitorial supplies that get results. They say a workman (or woman) is only as good as their tools, which is why it's important to get the right tools, cleaning solutions and implements even for a job as (apparently) simple as cleaning windows.

Every business knows that clean windows are an important part of business presentation. Especially for retail stores where window shoppers might be drawn in by bright and bold displays behind sparkly clean windows. Similarly, people thinking about having lunch in a restaurant or café might be put off by unclean windows – wondering about the cleanliness of the establishment as a whole.

These following tips are designed to help you get the best results from your window cleaning exploits:

  1. Avoid Cleaning in Direct Sunlight

    Washing, cleaning and polishing windows on a sunny day might seem like a sensible plan because you'll be able to see what you're doing more easily, but direct sunlight leads to a quick drying effect which can result in unsightly and stubborn water marks that can be pain to remove and probably make your windows appear dirtier than they were when you first started.

  2. The Right Tools

    Professional window cleaners get the best results because they use the right tools. Spending an extra bit of money on squeegees, applicators, microfiber finishing cloths and other tools not only ensure the best possible finish but also cut down the time it takes to clean your windows in the first place.

  3. Avoid Sponges

    Along with using the right tools, it's important to avoid using the wrong ones. A sponge is bad idea for cleaning windows. They can easily catch dirt, dust and debris on their surface and scrape it across the glass. The results of this might not appear instantly, but over time these sort of fine scratches might result in damage and marring of the glass and an overall dulling that make windows unappealing. With deeper fabrics and tiny microfibers, microfiber cloths are a preferable tool and the best implement for getting the best clean and shine without risking damage to the surface of the glass.

  4. Use Chemicals Sparingly

    It's important to put good glass cleaners to use to get the best results, but we'd recommend using all chemicals sparingly. Using too much and you'll find yourself smearing the glass and wasting money on refills.

  5. Regular Cleaning and Polishing

    Clean and polish your windows regularly and you'll find they keep cleaner for longer. It will also make your business seem more appealing if it's clean, shining and well presented.

  6. Fresh Water

    Regularly freshen your water while you're cleaning to ensure you aren't washing windows with dirty water from previous windows. It might seem like a chore, but you'll be surprised at the difference it makes!

  7. Sideways Squeegee

    Using your squeegee sideways forces water to fall vertically down the pane at one point, rather than spilling over the edges of the squeegee. This can make a difference.

  8. Watch the Edges 

    One area people tend to fall down on when cleaning windows is the edges. As you wipe or use your squeegee you'll find water builds up at the edges, untreated this can dry and lead to water marks and problem areas.

  9. Watch Your Step

    Washing windows and using a bucket can be a dangerous undertaking if you're not looking where you're going while you work. An upended bucket can cause all end of havoc when doing the inside of the premises. This problem can be solved by bucket on a belt.

  10. Speed or Quality?

    Most professional window cleaners' use an 18" squeegee for speed, but for residential properties or small businesses a smaller tool might be just as useful.