Tips for keeping commercial washrooms clean

The high footfall commercial washrooms receive means that these can be one of the hardest locations to keep clean and hygienic. As well as this, for hygiene reasons washrooms must be kept clean at all times and it is quickly noticed if one is not clean. Not only will an unclean commercial washroom spread germs; but it will also have a negative impact on how customers, the public and employees view the business.

While commercial washrooms are hard to keep clean, these tips will help to make the process easier.

Regular cleans
The regularity in which your washroom needs cleaning will depend on the amount of people who use the facilities. For example, a small office with 40 members of staff will need to be cleaned much less than a washroom located in a busy shopping centre. Along with the amount of people who use your washroom; the size of the washroom will also impact on how often it needs to be cleaned. If, for example, your washroom receives a high footfall throughout the day and is large it will need to be cleaned at a minimum of every 30 minutes; if, however, it is a small washroom used by a few people throughout the day it will not need to be cleaned often, even just once or twice a day.

The right cleaning chemicals
Along with making sure your washroom is regularly cleaned to a high standard; using the right cleaning chemicals is vital for keeping it clean and hygienic. Every washroom is different and will need specific products for its needs. It is advisable to buy cleaning chemicals that have been specifically formulated for washrooms; as these will be made from chemicals proven to work in environments that need extra cleaning strength. As well as this, chemicals formulated for washrooms in mind will include the anti bacterial ingredients needed to ensure that they remain germ free and hygienic.

Air care
There is no getting away from the fact that washrooms can often have an unpleasant smell and no matter how clean the area is, if there is a smell people will immediately assume the area is not hygienic. While regularly cleaning the facilities with washroom specific cleaning chemicals will help to eradicate smells; investing in air care products will prevent and remove unwanted smells. Air freshers are a key product in helping to keep commercial washrooms clean; they are easy to use and do not require constant maintenance, but they are also effective in getting rid of unwanted smells.

Additional facilities
When it comes to washrooms, it is the additional facilities that can be the difference between a well maintained and clean area and one that is considered unhygienic and unclean. In ladies washrooms, ensuring there are enough sanitary bins that are regularly emptied is vital. While public washrooms should include baby changing facilities to make it easier for parents to change their baby’s nappies in a clean and private environment. As well as this, making sure that there is enough hand wash and effective hand drying facilities will help people to maintain their personal hygiene while using your washroom.