Spring is the season traditionally associated with cleaning, but in many ways keeping tidy during the long winter months is even more essential.

When the weather turns bad during winter many people feel they are fighting a losing battle to keep their homes and businesses clean, but here are some helpful hints to keep on top.

1) Swap rugs to sturdy, stain and water resistant versions to stop mud and water being tracked through the home or business.

2) Clean and inspect fireplace before it becomes an essential for the cold winter nights.

3) To get into the Christmas spirit, change air fresheners to classic winter scents. It will set a cozy winter mood in the home and office and ignite a festive atmosphere.

4) Employ professional carpet cleaning services before and after holding festive parties to ensure guests are entertained in a hygienic environment. For your home, keep vacuuming in between professional carpet cleaning to prevent a build up of dirt and debris throughout the home.

5) For tiled or wood floors, mop regularly to prevent a build-up of dirt, debris or water from posing a hazard in either the home or place of business.

6) Bleed radiators or clean out heating system vents to ensure the system functions effectively without spreading bacteria.

7) Clean light fixtures. Although they are often forgotten, during the winter the hours of light are decreased making these fixtures essential for both work and home. Keeping light fixtures clean improves the level of light throughout the home or office.

8) Dust! During the winter homes and workplaces can get very dusty because the air is increasingly dry and warm. Dust surfaces regularly to keep areas clean.

9) People aren't the only creatures staying indoors during the winter season, and many people notice an increase in creepy crawlies such as spiders sneaking into their homes or businesses during the cold months. One tip to keep the bugs out is to spray a solution made up of two parts water, one part lemon juice around doorways, windows and corners of rooms. It acts as a repellent and may decrease the number of insects seeking shelter in your home this season.

10) Keep outside areas tidy, such as patios, porches, walkways and office gathering spots by sweeping away debris, removing snow and gritting ice to keep people from slipping and injuring themselves.

These suggestions may help your winter stay clean and bright despite dark days and long nights.