Andrex Toilet Rolls 24 Roll Carry PAck

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Andrex Toilet Rolls 2ply White x 24.

Andrex is one of the most popular brands of toilet paper in the UK and is still as soft, strong and very, very long as it ever was! Their new motto is 'Be Kind to Your Behind' and with this product they certainly are.

Ideal for use in

Schools, offices, nursing homes, leisure centres and any other washroom environment


This luxury toilet roll is well known for it's quality, softness, absorbancy and strength.


Each roll of Andrex has approximately 160 sheets of paper and there are 24 rolls to each handy sized pack.

CHSA Accredited

We at Janitorial Direct are a CHSA Accredited Distributor and this is a CHSA Accredited Product.

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