How to Choose the Right Carpet Cleaner

How to Choose the Right Cleaner

Choosing the right carpet cleaner

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining carpets you have many options available, but how do you choose between two different wet systems?

The systems below both use water sprayed onto the carpet and a vacuum system to suck up the residue moisture, however there are key performance differences which for the average buyer can easily be missed.

Wet Carpet Cleaner 1: Upright Self Contained Portable Power Brush Carpet Cleaner

The upright self contained portable power brush carpet cleaning machine has an integral roller brush included in the system and a working width of up to 63cm which means it can clean large areas quickly and efficiently.

How it works

Water is deposited into the clean water tank of the machine, the water is then released onto the carpet via a water pump (up to 400 psi) over and through a power brush that rotates up to 2100 rpm. This agitates the carpet and assists in releasing the soiling and when combined with the help of a cleaning chemical (sprayed onto the carpet or introduced in the water tank) delivers fantastic results every time!

The machine is pulled backward (in most cases) and a vacuum bar lying in front of the brush sucks the residue water up via a Vacuum created from the interior vac motor. This vac motor can create a powerful lift of up to 3810mm or 200cfm!


  • Cleans quickly and effectively.
  • Reduced operating fatigue.
  • Covers large areas.
  • Perfect for commercial use.

Where used:

This type of wet carpet cleaner is typically used in:

  • Hospital
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Conference Facilities
  • Large Areas
  • Banqueting Suites
  • Carpeted Corridors

Wet Carpet Cleaner 2: Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

The second system is a portable carpet and upholstery cleaner. In principal very similar to the first carpet cleaner however it’s equipped with a floor wand, held and controlled by an operator which makes it perfect for domestic cleaning.

How it works

Almost identical to the first system except this unit is designed with a floor wand which is held and controlled by the operator and means it doesn’t’ have a self contained power brush. This allows the cleaner to be smaller and more versatile for domestic situations.

The floor wand gives many additional advantages, for example when cleaning carpets you’ll be able to clean right up to the edge  and reach other inaccessible areas such as under the stairs, tables and behind furniture. In addition, you’re able to change the wand for an upholstery hand tool which is designed to effectively clean spot stains on rugs and carpets.


  • Cleans quickly and effectively in domestic situations.
  • Interchangeable wand for specific domestic purposes.
  • Small and versatile for difficult to reach areas such as behind and under furniture or stairs.


As always it depends on what you are trying to achieve, for general domestic use we would recommend the portable carpet and upholstery cleaner while for larger industrial areas or commercial situations we would recommend the Upright Self Contained Portable Power Brush Carpet Cleaner.