It’s a Messy Season

It's a Messy Season

It’s a messy season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but for some, it’s a mess…

Offices, Schools, restaurants and all forms of public places are confronted with wet dirty feet dragging in mud, snow, rock salt and all sorts of things which can quickly turn your place of work into a hazardous wet mess.

Not only will the mess be less appealing it can easily become a dangerous hazard if left unmanaged.

The problem:

  • High traffic areas can quickly become damaged and stained.
  • Polished floors can lose their beautiful shine.
  • Wet floors quickly become slippy and dangerous.
  • Your company reputation can appear ‘untidy’ not only to staff but to your potential clients.

The solution:

  • Use quality floor entrance mats.
  • Perform regular floor maintenance with a professional cleaning machine.
  • Maintain a clear walk way at least 15 ft to the building entrance.
  • Place warning signs before the building entrance – “Stamp your feet”.

The real benefit of entrance matting

Fact, “did you know up to 80% of dirt found in a building comes from shoes?”

It’s a fact that dirty shoes make a dirty office but incredibly up to 80% of that is directly due to people’s shoes! An effective entrance mat stops dirt at the door and dramatically reduces the damage done to your floors, the amount of mess created and prevents injuries.

So ensure you’re prepared this winter and don’t underestimate the value of quality floor entrance mat.