Dirty Homes, Dirty Facts And Reasons Why Cleaning is Good for You.

The cleaning industry is massive, and with good reason. We Brits are a busy folk but the cleanliness of our homes and workplaces is pretty important. That’s why there are so many companies and people employed in the cleaning industry. Recent stats show that there are around 448,400 people working in the cleaning industry in 32,000 different cleaning companies across the land and sales of cleaning equipment reached £808 million in 2011.

Yet still there’s research that shows we aren’t as clean as we’d like…

Here are a few facts members of the public have admitted to:

  • 3 in 10 households have stated they hardly every clean their windows
  • A quarter of people will rarely clean their oven
  • Around 14% of people have had problems with blocked sinks and drains
  • 1 in 10 people admit to not cleaning because they ‘don’t have time’

The Toilet Bowl

Research has shown that there are around 43 million toilets in the UK and a great deal of British homes have at least 2 toilets or more. Yet many Britons admit to hating cleaning their toilet. In fact 9 million said that they hate having to touch the toilet bowl when cleaning the toilet and while 20% of us said they cleaned the toilet at least once a day, 5% said they’re only clean it once or twice  a month.

The toilet bowl is obviously a rather large breeding ground for germs and a place that deserves regular attention – especially if used by multiple people in a household or workplace in a day. But being fearful of touching the bowl is a hindrance – this is why more and more ‘hands-free’ toilet cleaning products are reaching the market and are finding more appeal among the public. Yet traditional cleaning chemicals and bleaches are still the best solution.

Allergies and Suffering

Did you know that around 44% of Britons suffer from at least one allergy of one sort or another? Of those allergies, hay fever is obviously the most common but other problems stem from things like dust mites, pet hair and mould issues. Regular cleaning is obviously a good way to combat this issue and professional cleaning is clearly a good way forward – professional cleaning companies are able to keep your home clean and fresh and the same in the workplace.

When cleaning your own home it’s good to clean as thoroughly as possible to reduce the risk of developing allergies – however it is suggested that going too far the other way might actually have the opposite effect as being ‘too clean’ can lead to a reduced contact with germs and infection and reduce the effectiveness of your immune system in combating such contacts in future.

Stomach Bugs and Tummy Aches

Government studies have shown that around 17 million people suffer from stomach upsets in the UK every year. This problem obviously leads to a great deal of sickness absence from the workplace and in turn has a knock-on effect on the UK economy and costs business millions of pounds each year.

Yet it is said that thorough cleaning and (more specifically) ‘targeted’ cleaning could easily help prevent and reduce this problem. Targeted cleaning is quite simply cleaning surfaces that people frequently touch with their hands so that germs and viruses are not so easily transmitted. It is recommended that sink handles, light switches, door knobs and toilet areas are regularly and thoroughly cleaned in order to prevent transmission.

Other essential areas when it comes to preventing stomach bugs and tummy aches are clearly any place where food might prepared – as well as the utensils that are used to make that food. High-quality kitchen cleaning chemicals will help reduce the number of germs present in the food preparation area and thus prevent illness and sickness. Good hygiene is essential, but just as it’s important to keep germs away from surfaces – it is just as important to prevent build-up on your cleaning utensils. Cleaning cloths, sponges and mops are all a breeding ground for germs and need to be kept clean and disposed of when they reach the end of their life. This is why sanitising wipes and anti-bacterial surface wipes have become such a popular alternative as they are thrown away once used and thus are less likely to lead to the accidental spread of germs.

Cleaning is Good For You

As well as combating germs and preventing illness, cleaning has been shown to have other positive effects. Results from a recent study show that regular cleaning activities can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other issues that lead to cognitive decline. The simple increase in physical activity is said to be the main benefit of this and the reason behind it – regular cleaning activities have been said to reduce the risk by up to 45%. Good news for cleaners everywhere and another good reason to keep your house clean!