How to Keep Floors clean, Even on Rainy Days

How to Keep Floors clean, Even on Rainy Days

Floors can be one of the most difficult areas to keep clean, especially when it is wet and muddy outside. Floors with high footfall will have lots of people trampling the mud and dirt from outside across them, while even at home dirty shoes can easily bring all types of grime from outside into the house. The good news is that there are lots of ways of keeping floors clean, even on rainy days.

Cleaning Hard Floors

Hard floors are ideal for floors with a high footfall, as they are much easier to keep clean than carpeted floors. There are a number of options for keeping hard floors clean. Those with large floor space should consider choosing a floor scrubber and dryer as an easy way to keep hard floors clean, as they will provide an easy and effective way of cleaning. As well as this, frequently using floor polishing machines will ensure floors remain looking shiny and clean, no matter how many people pass through.

Alternatively, if it is a smaller floor space with a lower footfall, a traditional bucket and mop is the easiest and most efficient way of keeping the floor clean. Cleaning small floor spaces by hand is an ideal option as a machine would often be too difficult to manoeuvre in a small space.

Along with using the right equipment, it is also important to have the right chemicals for keeping hard floors clean. Floor scrubbers and floor polishing machines need the right type of chemicals that are suitable for the specific machine, these can be easily found in our Floor Cleaning Chemicals section. In this section, there are also a wide variety of chemicals that can be easily and safely diluted in water and used with mops to keep small hard floor spaces spotlessly clean.

Keeping Carpets Cleans

If a workplace or home has carpets, there are a number of ways of keeping them clean – even if people walk through with muddy shoes. Vacuum cleaners are portable and light enough to be operated easily by hand. These are the ideal option for regularly using on carpets with a high footfall as they are powerful enough to remove all surface mud and dirt from carpets and offer a convenient way of keeping carpets clean throughout the day.

As well as using vacuum cleaners, using carpet cleaning machines regularly will ensure carpets are thoroughly cleaned and free from mud, dirt and grime that can be built up over a period of time. At Janitorial Direct we offer a wide range of carpet cleaning machines from small portable units to truck-mounted systems, so no matter how small or large your carpet space is we are sure to have the right type of machine for your needs.

Our vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaning machines are not just ideal for commercial properties, but can also be purchased for domestic use as well, so they are ideal for keeping your carpets at home clean and looking as good as new. As well as this, we offer all the accessories, including chemicals and vacuum bags, that are needed for keeping both commercial and domestic carpeted floors clean.