Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office

Keeping your work environment clean and tidy is vital in helping create a productive atmosphere, however it’s understandable that in a busy office, cleaning isn’t necessarily a time priority. So, to make this job a lot easier, we have compiled some spring cleaning tips to help you give the office a thorough clean.

Get the office organised

The easiest way to keep your office clean is to keep your office organised. Mess can quickly build up on you, especially in a busy area like a workspace where you’re likely to have things such as papers and reports floating around. Of course, there are many ways to organise your space. That said, even using simple things like clips and paperclips will help keep your office neater. For a more large scale way of organising, using trays and storage boxes will help de-clutter. This will make your office not only a less stressful environment, but more professional looking. Other, simple, ways to organise are to ensure that each desk/workspace has a good selection of basic supplies, such as desk tidies and a bin, as well as things such as hand wash or sanitiser.

Tackling the cleaning

Another important step in keeping your office clean is to make sure you are looking after your general work area. Plus, if your office has one; your public area, such as a reception. You should do this by dusting these areas regularly, as well as cleaning your floors in an appropriate way. A vacuum cleaner is the obvious way to do this and gets the job done well. Going just that extra bit further with a carpet cleaner or floor polisher can really make a difference in your office. too.

In an office, it’s likely that you’re surrounded by technology, and while it may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to cleaning, it’s extremely important that you regularly clean your electronic devices. Equipment such as computers and laptops can easily build up dust. With this in mind, it’s good to wipe them down regularly with a dusting cloth or duster. Other devices, such as telephones, can also carry a lot of germs, due to a lot of people coming into contact with it. Because of this, it’s important to disinfect telephones often, which is easy to do with sanitising wipes.

Finally, the communal areas in your office also need to be regularly cleaned. This includes areas such as the bathroom; break room; and kitchen. Make sure that your bathroom is being regularly disinfected.  This not only looks better, but ensures that your work environment is healthier, meaning less sick days! The kitchen should similarly be cleaned thoroughly, to avoid any health hazards.