Go Green When You Carpet Clean

Companies across the country who require professional carpet cleaning services are making the switch to eco-friendly products.

There is no better way to check your ecological footprint than by choosing cleaning service providers who can help lower your costs while simultaneously using ‘green’ methods that reduce the environmental impact of professional cleaning.

In today’s climate, many companies are facing questions about how they can make their management sustainable.


One such area that affects nearly every business is carpet cleaning, whether it is simply professional cleaning services or carpet steam cleaning, using sustainable products, equipment and processes ensures that carpet cleaning is becoming more environmentally friendly.

Asking providers for legitimate green certification of the products and methods they use helps businesses choose providers with confidence, knowing their carpet cleaning services are in eco-friendly hands.

Some interesting facts about ‘Green’ carpet cleaning are that 32 per cent of green carpet cleaning services and products display certification by a legitimate eco-label.

For commercial cleaning experts providing hard floor maintenance, they should vacuum to remove and contain particulate matter from flooring surfaces.

Furthermore cleaning service providers should provide employees with proper initial, on-site, or site-specific and annual in-service training regarding green carpet cleaning and eco-related services.

So the next time you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service, go green and check certifications to ensure you are receiving the products and services you expect.